Thursday, September 15, 2005

Isn't it ironic that Blockbuster video sent Monster in Law, and it arrived the same day my mother in law did?
It was fun having them here, and I survived. I'm exhausted though. Tuesday I took advantage of them being here and went to a step class, and today I went to Step and then a yoga class. It felt so good to be doing something just for me. I loved every muscle straining second of it. I recommend it to all you stay at home moms, and anyone else who just needs a self esteem boost. YEEHAW!!


TLC said...

You survived! That seemed to go fast! did it for you?

leaner said...

Yeah! You made it!
Oh, it would be glorious to go to a yoga class, I love yoga. I have tried the at home regime, but I am a slacker (its the generation...) and will do really well for a week then SLACK!

tif-do said...

-it did go super fast, and I was even sad to see them go.
-I know what you mean about slacking and that's why I pay, because then I feel obligated to go.