Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Out of my Comfort Zone!

I've been really enjoying my new yoga class. I go in the middle of the day, sometimes I take 1 sometimes husband is home to watch her. It's very relaxing, I can feel my muscles getting longer, maybe I'll even grow an inch. Yesterday I had to clean up after the book fair, so I missed my mid day yoga class. So I thought what the heck I'll go to the night class. I walked in and the room was empty, I thought this won't be so bad, Sandy and I can do yoga. Then they came 2 by 2 the Whole of this towns Retirement Community, (BIG exaggeration), But there were 8 over 60 ladies and me almost 30. Sandy referred to them as the core yoga group. They talked about hot flashes, they made kinky sex comments about the yoga poses, and worst of all they held their yoga positions like pros as I struggled to maintain my balance. I was so embarrassed. I was being shown up by women twice my age. I definitely have some things to work on. I did have a lot of fun, although I was totally out of my element. And I did learn It's never to late to try something new.


leaner said...

Those old ladies of yoga are amazing. And I KNOW what you mean about kinky sex comments. Its weird to hear an older women (or man) talking of sex. Kind of creepy like when you get married and for some reason now its ok for your parents to make those comments in front of you (ok- maybe its just MINE- Ask dacheese! She'll tell you! The second she was wed- my mom stopped guarding what she said around us all, and now we get to hear things we NEVER wanted to know! LOL)

Maybe you will grow an inch! WHOO HOO@ I think I gianed a little while I was doing yoga regularly- I know that I walked straighter and didn't slouch as much!

dacheese said...

i would love to take Yoga. maybe someday I will be able too. Yes my mom makes some very strange comments that sometimes make me very uncomfortable. I have not even been married that long but she seems to think I want to hear about her... EWWW!!!

tif-do said...

I won't even say what my mom asked me one day, but it was a good thing we were on the phone, because I turned a nice shade of red. I think its the shock factor, I did it to her when I was in highschool, (what can I say to shock you?) Now it's her turn. But like you, I say eewww!!!

leaner said...

I remember my mom told me once that a lot of the ladies at church thought of sex merely as a means of procreation. But she felt like it was something that both partners should really enjoy.
It was a shocking statement- as she told me that at 16. However it has stuck with me. It is very important. (However disturbing it is to think of your parents as sexual beings and ENJOYING it!)