Friday, September 16, 2005

Rattling On

Brain dead, babbling, foot in mouth gal. That would describe me today. I'm human and prone to mistakes. Accept that now, or don't, but either way it's true. And yes tomorrow is a new day, and to me it will be erased because that's the way I work. And honestly sometimes my mouth goes so much faster than my brain I can't keep up. That's why this is good, because I can edit myself as I go.
I pretty much wasted my day today. I sat this afternoon and watched The Ring Two. You know sad as it is, I was looking forward to this movie, because the first one scared the higgedy right out of me. But this one was sadly lacking in the fear factor. So there went two hours of my life right down the drain. The only highlight to my day was talking to one of my sisters on the phone, and hearing her little girls in the background. It always makes my day hearing one of them squeal in the background, because its just so awesome that she has them. It was picture day at school, and I'm hoping all the kids smiled pretty, but chances are at least one of them pulled an uncle Clint classic toothless grin.(Sorry, he only did it once, and looking back it is a pretty cute picture) That would be a fine example of brain dead, babbling, foot in mouth gal. But this time I won't edit, because if I did you would never get the completeness of my disfunction. So soccer all day tomorrow. And I would like to take the kids to see a movie this weekend. Valiant and Brothers Grimm are playing at our theatre. Anyone seen either?


hairball said...

The ring two was sooooooo disappointing. (i actually wasted money and bought it, sad) Part one was just sooooo good. I made everyone watch it. Oh well, another DVD to take to Bookman's.

Hayduke said...

Don't forget to mention the bolo tie I wore in that picture, that was classic. I believe the bolo tie is the state tie in AZ. And rattle snake head bands are the state head band. I don't watch scary movies, they're too scary. Life's way scary enough for me. Tammy and I watched that witch in the woods project movie and I left her downstairs because I was too scared to finish it.

leaner said...

Where is this picture? Who is going to scan it in and post it on their blog first? I want to see it!

I am also against scary movies. I used to love them. But now, with kid/s I think that I can scare myself plenty just thinking of anything happening to them!
And I noticed when i stopped watching them, I stopped having as many nightmares and I can even look into a mirror at night! (BIG accomplishment! You have NOOOO idea!)

tif-do said...
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