Monday, October 24, 2005

I suppose along with a, getting over it, anemic daughter I get a daughter who catches every virus known to man. This weekend it was croup. As you all know croup and the tell tale barking couph. I generally thought no big deal. Get out the humidifier, go for drives in the cold air, no meds can fix this one. So that's just what I did the night she came down with it. I took her in the steamy bathroom. I took her outside for cold breaths of air. But by the next evening she had gotten worse and gasped for air through the small opening of her throat. Just as a caution, we decided it would be best to take her in to the er to make sure her oxygen level was ok. It was thank goodness, and they gave her a shot to relieve the swelling in her throat. So by Saturday night she was sounding much, much better. Sunday I left her at home with daddy and went to church. Of course I always get the "where's Kasey", because she is so much more popular than I. Anyway a lady from church asked and I told her she had croup, and she stayed home. Another young woman said"That's what Cheyenne had, they wouldn't give her anything for it" I had a brain freeze. No comment would make this moment any better. Before they had moved here, they had a daughter, there only child at the time, and she died, of croup.
I hugged Kasey a little tighter yesterday.


abeNanna said...

Thanks, I needed to sit at my computer with tears running down my face. Pretty embarrassing if someone would walk in.

So glad that she is doing better. Moments of sheer panic come and go when you raise children. Followed by such amazing joy and gratitude. Guess it is one big roller coaster ride. Can't wait to see this little one next summer.

Pen-nut said...

Moments like that sure make us thankful for our children. Hug her tight for me, too. Love ya!

TLC said...

good to hear she is doing much better. Pretty scary and sad about your friend. "stay well" prayers coming your way!

leaner said...

Oh man. I can not even imagine that. For either of you- I mean your friend who lost a child, how horrific. For you having a sick child, how miserable.
I honestly didn't know kids still get the croup- I thought that was one of those illnesses that went out with covered wagons.