Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Did you know that if you drank a 20 oz. Soda, non diet variety, you would have to walk briskly 3 miles to burn the calories. And I wonder why I haven't lost weight since I began my workout routine. I love Coca-cola. I need Coca-cola. It calls my name, when I walk into the local Town Pump. It says to me, you can't make it a day without my liquid wonder. HELP ME!!!


lvh said...

It's funny but when I lived in AZ, I really didn't even like soda much except root beer with pizza was a neccessity. Seems I've been drinking more and more of it and all kinds so I am trying not to even keep it around. Just keep thinking to yourself that water is a much better option and cheaper and if you're like me, you don't settle for the 20 oz size at Town Pump.

leaner said...

LOL- evil stuff that soda! My lil bro Jesse lost 10 pounds within a month of stopping drinking the evil nectar. I only drink it occasionally (i love herbal tea- iced- mmmm)
Will has finally resigned himself to drinking diet, just to lower his sugar intake. Because he CAN NOT give up soda.