Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ty for a day!

If I could have a milk mustache, and not care one bit.
To only say love ya, when I truly meant it.
To not flush without guilt
Leave the mess that I'd spilt
Leave all my drawers open, and my shoes muddy
Everyone that I meet, would be my new buddy.
Feel good enouph to try every sport,
From the soccer field to the basketball court.
To never say can't, to try agian
To never give up, until I win
To do new things and not show my fear.
To really get hurt and not shed a tear.
It doesn't take much to go my way,
If I could only be Ty for a day!


Pen-nut said...

What a wonderful way to describe Ty!! You are awesome!!

lvh said...

You truly are a very talented young lady. I hope you shared that with him and not just with us fellow-bloggers. I'm really glad you are you though and not Ty cause you are very special.

abeNanna said...

What can I say but WOW, didn't know that you were quite so eloquent.

When Gwen was born we were discussing family and this is what your Uncle Craig told us about the first time he saw you. You were less than two years old and your dad had you out on the farm working with him. You were sitting in the dirt and had a mouthful before Jack realized it. You just grinned up at him with mud dripping out of your mouth. See how much you have grown since then?

tif-do said...

I still like to eat dirt, good iron! (Just joking.) The next thing I ate was a bite out of someone from Craigs family? AAAHHH Good memories!!!

lvh said...

See leaner - biting runs in the family

leaner said...

yup- we're a family of biters, huh?

I love the poem, it is so neat. It really makes me want to get to know Ty! Or it makes me feel like I already do!

abeNanna said...

The person you bit became the father of twins this summer. Three boys - All under 3. How cute is that? And he is a great dad too. So I guess you didn't scar him too much.