Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Does anyone know if saliditoes expire??? If its spelled incorrectly it's because it's not in the spellcheck. My PTA general meeting went well lastnight. There was around 30 people there, and I did everything properly, so I guess I'm in good graces with the league of extrodanairy women. I was slightly shaken but hopefully no one caught on. Then tonight I had a Relief society activity, for those of you who didn't know, I'm also the pres. Of that, so got that out of the way, and now I can breath a deep breath and enjoy what's left of January. That's what gets me to my next spouse. How well do we really know anyone. That was the topic tonight, getting to know you. I mean we can be around someone, we can talk to people, but even once you've lived with someone, do you really know them, do you understand them. I talked to a woman this morning and I said something about the group of women that go to church, she put it the way I'd like to think of it best we are a great potpourri, each complementing the other to make something wonderful. So maybe I'd like to think of our family that way. Or even a big stew. We've got some potatoes, and beef, carrots, onions, ect. We are all very different, with our different lives and thoughts, but we compliment each other to make something wonderful. Not the greatest example, but it works for me.
Good night!


leaner said...

saladitos- the salted dried prunes? I don't think they do- i mean they are like pure salt and preserved.

Heck yeah, our family is totally a stew. That is a great analogy.

TLC said...

I don't think they expire either but they might get dried out and not have any meat on them. The connosieur of saladitos - Clint and Jack might know better. Too salty for me!
A stew for a family. I have to add that we have to "lend" ourselves to opening up and sharing what we have to offer. then the stew tastes much better. if not we are just a bunch of veggies bopping about minding our own business in a luke warm pot of water.

I don't know which is scarier Prez of the PTA or of Relief Society! I went to one of those meetings w/ your mom and that poor girl running it looked like she was going to pass out from nerves. Her mom had to help. I thought, "well she signed up for this and knew what was to be expected" but then I was told she was assigned that position! YIKES!

Pen-nut said...

What a woman you are! You are an awesome president of both.

Our family is definately a stew. The more different things added the better it is, and the longer it "simmer's together" the better it tastes.

Alex's Human said...

I've seen saladitos get moldy if they're not dried properly, but don't think they'd expire. Then again, just how many years have you had them??

You're queen of the relief society, too??? :) how impressive.

And I'm so happy to be part of the stew, but I get to be the celery..