Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Thursday!

Kasey is learning to do her own hair already. What a girl!!!
We went to the big city yesterday. It was nice to get out of the house, it was a mostly warm day. It almost feels like spring, but I'm not going to fall for that. We didn't really have much to do in town, just a few errands, Kenneth had to get his eyes checks, so I browsed a store while he did that. I like just being able to browse, which doesn't happen very often, when you have kids there's little time to browse, you get in and get out. I did find some good clearance for the girls and a couple things for me too. I bought some valentines, and I got Kasey's birthday presents even though she won't turn two until April. Now I will just have to get Wyatts and Easter. Wyatt wants a lawn gnome. Don't even ask, because I really don't know why, but I will do my best to find him one. I have a couple months to worry about it. I'm babbling today, and it feels good, just needed to sit and type without a purpose. Kenneth is at a funeral, and I have stuff I should be doing, but I really don't think I want to, it is time for a day off. So Happy Thursday to all!


Pen-nut said...

Yeah! for days off. We all need them. Enjoy!

TLC said...

Funny on the gnome! Slade and his friend found one this summer and cared for it like a baby. They named him Ned and I think he's still asleep in his box in our shed or the friend has it. They took turns caring for it. Silly kids!

leaner said...

I would love a garden gnome! they are neat, maybe it would make me do a garden! LOL

ah- browsing stores is nice! Deals/clearance also VERY nice!