Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kasey slept in her own little bed last night, until about 3 am. This was a big improvement from the normal sleeping sideways in the middle of our bed ritual. I slept so good, except for the mass murderer man that kept creeping into my dreams. But I had forgotten what it was like to have a side of the bed. Usually I'm wedged up against the wall, as Kasey sprawls across the middle of the bed like the ruler of all, which of course she is. Now mind you I'm not willing to let go of her all together, her bed is a mattress on the floor of my room. Weaning both she and I from the security of closeness. But we are gaining our independence one inch at a time, as life should be.

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leaner said...

ah- i remember when Rhayn finally was out of our bed, it was a great and sad day all rolled into one. Then she moved into her own room. This has been difficult, but was made easier by Bug joining us. Some nights Rhayn still sleeps on our floor(like last night!) and I love it when she crawls into our bed before we all get up for the day. We lay there all cuddling together and welcome the day.