Monday, January 30, 2006

What's in a name-

Wyatt Colt- Having watched the movie Tombstone twice before he was born, we thought it would be the perfect name for our little boy, Wyatt Earp and the gun he carried.

Ty Nolan- I'm not as sure about this one, I liked the name Ty because there was a girl that went to highschool with me briefly, that's name was Tiffany but everyone called her Ty. So I remembered that when the name came up. Nolan of course after Nolan Ryan the baseball player. (sport loving Dad=sport loving boy)

Kynzie Ann-When I was pregnant we had started tracing Kenneth's Scottish last name MacGilvery. So I thought a Scottish name would be appropriate. I came across MacKenzie- which just happened to mean son of Kenneth, so I shortened it. Ann for my middle name, moms middle name, and Kenneths Mom.

Kasey Lyn- I was totally dumbfounded when we found out that Kasey was going to be a girl, we were driving down Grand in Billings after the ultrasound, and I turned with tears in my eyes to Kenneth and said I don't even have a girl name. At that moment we passed a tattoo parlor and the sign said Call Casey. Kenneth said How about that for a name, I instantly loved it. Lyn of course the feminine spelling of Lynn after Grandpa.

Anyway, where did your baby names come from?


leaner said...

Rhaynnon Loretta- Rhaynnon is from Rhiannon (and because Will's real name is Raymond.) Do I need to explain Loretta? ;)
Gwendolyn Meg- Gwen is another form of Genevieve My and Gramma's middle name and I absolutely LOVE it. Meg is after One of Will's sisters. She died at 25. He was closest to her, and it was hard on him, his tribute to her.

TLC said...

All I know is when Clint first mentioned he wanted to name his son Slade, I said he would have to marry somebody "weird." Man, I just keep eating my words, don't I? We were just friends at the time. Not long after, were we taking a walk discussing baby names and what would go w/ Slade. We were big fans of the Phoenix Suns and Oliver Miller was one of my favorite players. Clint said, how about Oliver Slade? I fell in love with it instantly - it just has a nice ring to it - Oliver Slade Carter. We knew we would call him Slade and if he would like to be called Oliver, he could do that when he got older. Right now, he goes by O. Slade at school. That's the author in him!
We also knew we wanted to name our second son, Jack. I wasn't too fond of the name - I thought it was a "man's name" not a little boy's. We couldn't think of any middle names and then we just decided he would be a II (NOT a junior) For awhile we called him Jack Clint, until (i swear he was about 18 months) when he said JUST JACK when someone asked him his name! I still get tickled when we get cards or letters from family that still refer to him as Jack Clint.
Slade had read: Crispin and the lead cross in 3rd grade and asked me to read it and I never would so it was always laying around the house - Moved from one bookshelf to another. So, once we found out we were pregnant - it was right in front of our faces and we settled on it. It wasn't until a few hours after he was born that we came up w/ Edwin to go with it. That being Papa Jack's middle name. That name has a nice ring to it too. The other day, Clint said in an exasperated tone - "Man, we have to think of another name! There's a lot of work that goes into having another kid!"

Pen-nut said...

Well, Jason is named after our brother Jason. With his middle name being after his dad. Anthony is a tough one. I'm not really sure where we actually got his name. We just came up with it, and he was Anthony soon after we found out we were pregnant. I just knew that was who he was. The Hancock is LaMont's middle name.

abeNanna said...

Helena Genevieve - his mom, Helen and my mom. Craig Garrett - his first name and a family name on the Abraham/Boer side of the family.

Andrew Walter - The patriarch who gave him his blessing and a great uncle on my side - Walter Abraham Batty. Could have named him Batty Walter Abraham, but then...

Jesse Vernon was just a first name we liked along with the uncle who was so instrumental in getting us together, Uncle Vern died when I was expecting Jess.

Briana Lynn was a name we really liked and as everyone has probably heard by now, Helena was going to help name her and had picked out Charlotte (from Charlottes Web) for her middle name. Since she was born on G'Pa C's birthday Helena agreed to naming her after him. Lynn is also Craig's middle name.

hairball said...

Collin Eldon -Collin after Colin Mochrie off of Who's line is it anyway? And Eldon after Joe's best friend