Sunday, January 29, 2006


I was listening in on a conversation between Wyatt 11 and Kynzie 6. He had apparently stuck something in his sock and was trying to convince her that he'd (in his words) "this very moment" grown another toe. She not believing him stomped it, where he went into a fit of imaginary moans and groans, because she had broken off his toe. She never did fall for it, wise girl. It took me back 14 years when I was that age. The bus had dropped my brother and I at the bank, for our long walk home. We stopped and checked in with mom, and were on our way. I'm sure it was my brothers worst nightmare walking home with me, the little sister, the little spoiled brat, but that was life. I don't really know what sparked his idea, but he was and still is very clever. He pulled out a pen, now this was no ordinary pen, it was magical, it was a magical pen that could disenegrate cars. But the real trick, and this was the clever part, was that even though the cars were gone, you could still see an image of them. He went on to tell me, if I went out into the road the car would go right through me. Now I really would like to believe that my brother wasn't really trying to do me harm, I will never know. Such a lesson we learn from our brothers, not to fall for everything someone has to tell us, it being there job to torment, tease, and teach, us little sisters. Glad I too, was a wise girl.


leaner said...

Man, Those are some life lessons I, being the oldest never learned. G'rat was my best friend, and he never tried to trick me. dacheese, on the other hand, she is much brighter than I in that aspect (having 4 older siblings making crap up.)
I can honestly say that I totally fell for nearly everything my pals in high school told me. "Kurt Cobain was totally coming to our high school my friend Darrell told me so! And Darrell being my friend would NEVER LIE TO ME- would he?"
(Yes, he did, Kurt Cobain never came to our school.)

Hayduke said...

I still have that pen and it works on airplanes, boats, and jets now. Honestly.

How far do you think that walk from the bank was, I'd say at least 4 miles and what grade were you in 1st or 2nd? Remember getting money from mom so we could buy a lemon at the grocery store? REmember how tiny that grocery store was and walking through the little neighborhoods before we got out of town? It seems like there were some big dogs that scared me but I don't know if that is part of a dream or not?