Sunday, March 05, 2006

My age difference from my siblings was somewhat of a hindrance when I was small. I think they tired of me easily. Teenage girls don't want to play with a six year old. They weren't unkind, and many times they would entertain me with a pretend circus, or a maze made with a hoe in the front yard, sometimes if I was really lucky Darcey would take me with her to SanManuel and I could hang out with her and her friends. When each of my sisters left for college I cried and cried because I would miss them so much, but I truly didn't understand the value of a sister until I was older. When the years seemed not to matter as much, when I seemed to catch up and have more in common with them. I am so lucky to have that built in friendship, the kind you don't have to work so hard for. It's just there naturally. No time passes from when you speak to one another. No judgment passed. Calls that come when you need them most. The I was just thinking about you kind, that only someone who really cares about you could make. Knowing no matter what, no matter where, there will be someone to love you someone to be your friend, because they know you so well, and still love you and all of your ramblings. They excuse your faults and praise your strengths. And my life has truly been blessed because I have sisters.


leaner said...

I know how that feels, at least the being glad to have a sister thing. I was so worried when I got pregnant that it would be a boy, and Will said he would be done. I wanted Rhayn to have a sister more than anything. I wanted her to have a "built in" friend.
Even though dacheese and I are 9 yrs apart, I think of her as one of my best friends. I only hope she feels the same way about me.
How awesome it must be to have 2 sisters! What a lucky girl you are!

hairball said... sister for the hairball....but at least i've got a carter :)

Pen-nut said...

Sisters are the best friends in the world. How blessed we are to have each other. It's funny that I was just thinking about that on Sat. The girl that cut my hair is a college student friend of Jason's, and we were talking about her family. She was missing her little sisters and feeling bad about not being around them right now. And I was telling her about how close my sisters are to me now that we are all "grown up". Thanks for being the "built in" friend that you are. I can't imagine life without those weekly phone calls. You're the best!! I love you!