Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fieldtrip Day!

Well Monday I had the privilege to attend a first grade field trip. I have always wanted to attend a field trip, but never have had the opportunity to go. So I accepted the offer. We rode 82 miles in the Good Bus (which means we got to take the highschools sports bus). 35 kids, 2 teachers, 6 parents, loud kids, patient teachers, oblivious parents. Why set bus rules if your not going to enforce them? I suppose I'm a bus behavior police . Although I did my best to pick my battles, I didn't want to become the evil mother, that they never invite on a field trip again. First we went to a museum. It was a tiny museum. When I was a kid, we went to the Sonoran Desert museum, or the Planetarium. Both awesome destinations. This museum was in need of a few more exhibits, but the kids did get to work some bits of leather with some tools. Then because it was cold we went back to the bus for our sack lunches. Mine consisted of a liter of Coka-Cola and some white chocolate raspberry yogurt ( I did pack Kynzie a well rounded lunch)
The grand finale of the day was watching a Bernstein Bears Play. Even with 2 teachers and 6 parents, getting all the kids to the bathroom and in their seats was an ordeal in itself, but they all really seemed to enjoy the play, and we loaded back on the bus. I did realize while their why its not a great idea to take a 3 year old to a play as I watched a small boy in cowboy boots kick the man in front of him in the head. On the way home Kynzie chose to sit with a friend, (who can blame her I'm the bus police). I thought I would sit alone, until a little boy named Cain decided to sit with me. He spoke of killing all animals because he hates them. He also told me how when he grew up he would move Tennessee and build a pool, and of course he would have to buy new swim trunks because he would be bigger, and the ones he has now won't fit. The ride home was amusing and I left the bus feeling like if I was asked to go on another field trip I would say yes.

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