Friday, April 14, 2006

Easters just around the corner!

The kids had today off, so what better way to occupy them than to do their annual Easter Basket making. We always just utilize things we use around the house. Mostly trash, I had a lot of leftover butter containers. So starting at the left- Ty went all out this year, his basket is a little white church house, complete with stained glass, belfry and ringing bell, of course what church wouldn't be complete without some bushes and ivy outside. Kynzie- Adorned her basket with ribbons and hand colored eggs. Kasey- well mommy kind of made this one, it has an inchworm winding it's way around the bucket. Wyatt- He got really creative and used half of a box, and a paper towel tube. His butterfly which is different on both sides of the box, also has googlie eyes and wire antanea!

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leaner said...

How cool! I am impressed! Look at how creative your kiddies are!