Sunday, April 09, 2006

First Picnic of the Season

It was a beautiful day yesterday, which for Montana that's anything over 50 degrees and not windy. So I suggested we go on a picnic. I made pimento and cheese sandwiches and a macaroni salad and we hit the rode. We went to Daley lake. It was cold, windy, the biffys were locked. So we ate in the car and stared out into the icy lake. The kids got out and threw rocks in, they called it skipping rocks, but I didn't see much skipping into the waves. It was fun to get out of the house anyway. It was still beautiful at home, so we did go on a family bike ride to the park, so Ty could get in some batting practice. It was such a good day spending time with my family.

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Alex's Human said...

Better too chilly than too hot, I say.. Sounds like you had a fabulous time..