Friday, May 26, 2006

Schools out for summer...

This has been a non stop week. I feel like I have run and run and run. I went to the city on Monday to hang out with my friend before the kids are all home for summer. It was fun, I love to just browse stores with a friend. Tuesday, of course was Kynzies 7th birthday, and also the AR assembly. All 3 of the kids won medals for their Reading abilities. They had a bike raffle, and Ty-Man won the bike. He has always been a lucky little kid. Mom and Dad were here, and Ty had a baseball game. Busy busy. Wednesday. Ty also had a game and Kynzie had her first T-ball practice (Frankly I think she is to big for t-ball, but she missed the cut off date for the older league.) I guess you have to start somewhere. Yesterday, was another assembly for Junior high that gives certificates for academics and athletics. Wyatt got a presidential award for his honor role, and a certificate for playing basketball this year. Then afterschool I paraded 14 little girls from the school to the theater for Kynzies birthday party to watch the Wild. It was a little bit Wild, but a lot of fun. Today was the last day of school, which means summer is here and I can finally sleep in again. YEAH!!! The kids are out with their friends, and Kasey is taking her afternoon nap. AAAHHH, I love summer!

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