Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer Bummer and the Fun Jar!

I am happy for warm weather, and green grass, and crazed kids. I am happy for it. I'm excited for all the fun summer brings with it. We do have one bit of a bummer, due to inflated gas prices we will not go any where out of state this summer. I've come to grips with it and we have come up with some fun things to do around Montana. The other thing that summer brings is an undesirable overuse of the TV and Playstation 2. So I came up with the fun jar. I know it's silly, but I wrote down at least 25 things that cost no money that we can do here, to encourage imagination and stop the boredom. Yesterday was our first fun jar experiment. Wyatt drew the slip. It said Unbirthday Party. Each of the kids secretly found and wrapped a white elephant gift from there room, including Kasey and I. We played limbo and hot potato, and sang the unbirthday song as we blew out candles on our unbirthday cake. We opened our presents, and it seemed like a success. They were all excited to draw another slip today. It just goes to show, it doesn't take money, just a little time to have fun with your kids. I think this summer will be full of creative fun for all of us. Maybe the gas hike is a blessing in disguise for the Blank family.


leaner said...

The Fun Jar sounds awesome! I should really do something like that. Rhayn is always saying "I'm Bored" its like a curse word to me. Boredom- she should not understand waht that is at 5!

Pen-nut said...

I love the idea. What fun!! So, what are some of the ideas you put in it, and how often are you doing it? Share your idea.

tif-do said...

I don't have an idea for everyday, like we didn't do one yesterday because the boys had a sleep over and Ty had a ball game. But there are a lot of days that don't have anything going on. But here are a few of the things I have in it. Indoor Campout, Sprinkler Frisbee,Me Collage (Using Magazines), ABC Walk (don't come home until everyone has spied every letter of the alphabet), Mud Pies, Family Bake Off, Make Cards for Grandparents, American Idol (which would be perfact with pen-nuts karaoke machine, Paper Airplane contest, Dining Out(let kids prepare menues, food and set table, dress up), ect. Hopefully my kids will avoid boredom for a little while.