Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Adventures in Poop!

Our Kids Bathroom is connected to the computer room. So I placed Kasey in her bath and started checking emails. I had no idea what would transpire from my decision of leaving her to play in the bathtub. I always check on her periodically, peaking around the corner, I can hear her sweet little voice, playing with her bath toys. This was not her normal sweet voice, It was a small disgusted cry. I jumped up thinking she was done with her bath, but this was worse much, much worse. There she stood, caged in the tub, while right in front of her on the white tile, was, well, POOP! She had taken her daily load off, in the tub, and finding that undesirable flung it out onto the tile. So very sanitary! As I clean up the mess, and rinse off a now upset Kasey, I've decided my view of the world has altered, has become slightly skewed. It is all an adventure, in poop!

*the picture above was taken a couple weeks ago prior to the poop incident.

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Alex's Human said...

Thanks for sharing.. And even more thanks for NOT taking a picture of the offending object.. :)