Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Derby Fire

Well this picture doesn't really do it justice. (still trying to figure out my camera completely.) But this is a view of the fire, from the town I live in. The fire is about 15 miles south of us. The hills were lit up pretty bright lastnight from the fire that rages right on the other side. Kenneth is actually out on the fire today, hopefully by tonight they'll get some state help, because the winds are suppose to kick up today and it may get even more out of control. There is an evacuation of around 40 homes up in the hills right now. Hopefully they will be able to get it in control before it burns them down.


lvh said...

yeah, we could see it about that well from our place last night so I kept waking up and getting up to check out the window to see how it was doing. When we were coming back from your Mom and Dad's you could just see the smoke boiling in the sky and creating it's own cloud - fires have sure been awful this year. Hope you didn't get too much smoke last night.

tif-do said...

lvh-how close are you to being evacuated??? Last thing I heard is Nye has been and the mine is shut down for the night???

lvh said...

yep - they evacuated the mine at 5 p.m. and are keeping it closed at least for the day shift today. They put Absarokee on evacuation alert. About 8:15 pm last night just as we were headed to bed the wind shifted and we got all the smoke from the fire. It's still thick this morning. At 9:30 they called from the mine and said they were getting ash there and that the fire had crossed the river.