Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If money were no object???

Every once in awhile, we play the lottery game. NOT the buy a ticket see if you win game, but the if I did buy a ticket, which I never do, and I did win, which I won't because YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T PLAY!!!, what would I do with all that money. What would I do with all that money??? Now I refuse to try to impress with false statements of donating half of it to a charitable cause, I refuse to say I would feed the hungry and clothe the naked. I can't say that I would or wouldn't do those things I really don't know. I will however get down to the selfish silliness that I Tiffaney dream about. I would like a house, a house with a room for everyone, a house with a basement with a big TV where kids could go hang out with their friends. I would like a garage to park my cars in in the cold winter, so when I climb inside they are cozy and warm and I don't have to scrape ice from the window. If money were no object I would have a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom, and a walk in closet. I would have a barn outside, because I would like to have my own petting zoo. (I would have to buy Ty a horse, because he loves them.) But for me, I would have pygmy goats, chickens, ducks, a goose, and maybe a pig named Wilbur just for fun. Someday when I'm a grandma, I would love for my grandkids to help me feed all the animals. I would have a fort in my backyard, and swings and a slide. The big nice wood ones. I would have a pond with a water trampoline, for summer, and in the winter when it freezes we could ice skate. (I never have iceskated but there is something very story book like about it) My kids could go to the university of their choice, and never have to worry about the cost. If money were no object, a year wouldn't pass without us flying to visit every grandparent and sibling. We'd take our kids around the country in an RV, to visit things they probably could care less about, just so we could torture them while they're teenagers. And for Kenneth season tickets for Steeler and Diamondback games. If money were no object what would you do???


Alex's Human said...

I do buy the occational ticket, but only when the jackpot gets up above a certain amount (after all, why would I want to waste my money to win a measly 25 million?). And every time I do, I start planning the way I'd spend it.

I'd want to build a nice house out on some land so Alex could run and run, and I'd get a clydesdale (cause I've wanted one ever since visiting Busch Gardens), and I'd like to have a boat, and I'd want to go to Europe so I could stop in to see my friend Erica and cook dinner for her.....

However, the main thing I would do is open a home for homeless gay kids.. I've known too many people who, as teens, had to make it on their own. I can't understand how a parent could just throw their kid away like that, and I'm thankful that I didn't have to go through their situation, being as I didn't "come out" until I was older. Not that I think my parents would have thrown me out, but it would have been difficult for us all...

Not trying to impress anyone with my plans. Just know it would make me so happy to spend my money that way..

amiedanny said...

We do that every now and then too! I always wonder if I would still shop sales and use coupons and shop at wal-mart. Probably! But at least if money were no object then I wouldn't have to look at the price tag.

I'd build a bigger house, certainly and get Danny the truck of his dreams. For me, I'd go crazy at the scrapbook store!

We always say that we'd give a portion to each family member (brothers, sisters, parents, etc) because I'd like to think they'd do the same for me. What we struggle with is this: do larger families get a larger percentage, or would we give each sibling/family the same amount? LOL! Fun to think about, likely will never happen.

Fun post, I'm going to have to use this on my blog. Thanks, girl!