Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy 1 year Anniversary!

I just realized as I was doing a late night check on the blogs. Reading enjoying and catching up on everyone's comings and goings, that I have been a blogger for one year this month. I have truly enjoyed this last year. Writing, reading, feeling common bonds with family and friends. Remembering how similar and different we all can be. I'm grateful for this escape hatch everyday of my life. A little me time to express, laugh, grow, learn. I can't imagine my day without this little fix. Thank you blogger. com. And thanks to all of you who share.

1 comment:

leaner said...

YEAH! HAPPY one YEAR! It is awesome, even if you all write once a month, its still great to read (me- teh loser who writes everyday- actually its an outlet!)
ANyway I have enjoyed the last year so keep writing!