Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taken Back

It's just a forest. No threat in that. There's a path, it's cleared enouph, other people take it all the time. Rationalize it to yourself. But the path it gets a little roupher, and the trees, they get a little thicker. But you pride yourself in being independent, and wise beyond your years. You can't admit to taking the wrong road. There's little light left. And you can feel the wolves getting closer and closer. You made the choice, you took the path, so you surrender to the attack, and all the pain that goes along with it. No! You turn around, you run, you find that light, and you run until you can't run anymore. You don't have to live in that forest, you don't have to let those wolves take you.
It's funny how things later on in life take you back to a familiar place. A place you shut out and forgot about. A place somehow unhealed, and still raw. It's scary how real it can feel, how you can envision, that day, that place, how you can remember the way your mind worked, how you rationalized every move you made. But I'm not that person, but somewhere deep inside you, you still are. Somewhere those attributes lay dormant. And even though at some point you found that light again, you escaped that forest, those wolves still come around, they still remind you that your not far from darkness, they may take a different form but they're still there, patiently licking their lips.

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