Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This morning before the extra kids got here I made playdough. I haven't made it in so long. Kasey has never even seen playdough before, so I was excited to see what she would do with it. About 10 o'clock I got the kids to the table and set a round blob of playdough in front of each of them. It appeared none of them had ever played with playdough. So I sat down, and began to make a zoo of little creatures. This inspired the 3 of them and they to started to pound and tear and roll their green globs into other green globs (they're 2!) The 2 extras got bored after about 15 minutes and headed back to the toys. Not Kasey she sat and pounded some more. When it was almost lunch time, I told her it was time to put it away. So I mounded it up into a large ball. Which she instantly grabbed and ran off with. I told her agian it's time to put it away, it will make a mess and we need to save it for another day. She hugged the playdough with all her might and yelled "I LUB IT!!!" What do you do? I finally convinced her to at least put it into a plastic bag, and she continued to carry it around until nap time. I know that most kids like playdough, but I had know idea there would be such an attachment.


Pen-nut said...

Isn't amazing how much our kids love the simple things in life.

amiedanny said...

So cute!

I've made it before, but I hate the stuff. My kids have to get me in a REALLY good mood to let them play playdough. It's just so messy!

lvh said...

I remember when I was about 9 in primary, we took little boxes with the lids cut off and covered them with home made playdough (lots of salt - yummy) Just a thin layer and then put tiny rocks in it to make them look like little buildings - we were making a palestine village - it was so much fun. Kids need more simple things instead of all the electronic gizmos that they have.