Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving (spell check not working, I apologize)

I'm thankful for the last 13 years. The ups and the downs. Beating statistics. Sticking with it even through the rouph patches. I'm thankful for the husband I have, celebrating our anniversary this week, being in love with him, still feeling that rush of adrenilin right before he comes through the door. I'm thankful for 4 children, each of them so different. Each of them with such special qualities. All with a silliness, that makes my home a fun place to be. I'm thankful for chaos, busy days, with little time to think. I'm thankful for the running here and there, being able to participate in their lifes. I'm thankful for the faith I have. The faith that gets me through hard things. The faith that I can overcome. I am thankful for shoulders to cry on, rocks to lean on. I'm thankful for weekly phone calls, that save my sanity. New friends, friends that have been around forever, family that has always been there. I'm thankful...

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