Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Watch your words...

I 'm going to write a nice blog about how I've lost my cool more times than I'd like to count. How I say things on a constant basis that I should think thoroughly through before saying. If only talking were like typing and you could reread and edit before publishing the final draft. The Tim McGraw song that says "I don't know why you gotta be angry all the time" rings true to me today. It's not that I'm angry at the world. But I have a bad habit of venting my frustrations on the closest passerby. Venting always makes me feel better and heal quickly but what is it doing to the passerby. Do they carry my anger on their journeys. Will I end up a lonely angry old lady because I didn't think before I spoke. Because I ridicule and judge those dearest to me. Have I left bitter scars that won't heal. When people speak of me behind my back are the things they say, things that I would want to hear?


Carter said...

What did you do now? LOL! I think what you are describing is called "being human"

There's an art to saying your sorry (heartfelt) and it really goes a long way, but I'm sure you are fully aware of that little word: Sorry.

big fat chocolate hugs to you (can you tell I'm in one of my chocolate craving moods?)

tif-do said...

MMMMMM!!! Chocolate does sound good right now, maybe its just the thing to turn my frown upside down.