Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sports and Me

This is just a blog to answer Amies questions about sports. In the fall is soccer. Typically I love the soccer season, although it is quite hectic, because all 3 kids usually play and that means a whole Saturday blown on soccer games. Wyatt loves soccer, and Ty plays generally because there wasn't another sport to play. This year however he would like to play football, which means two sports in two separate towns, I have not quite figured out how this one will work. Wyatt only plays soccer and doesn't like the other sports. Right now is Basketball. Ty and Kynzie play. They both do well and seem to enjoy it. It is all right here in our little town, and I love to watch. YEAH basketball! Then there is baseball. Tys favorite sport. Its half in our town and half in a town 40 miles away at Tys level. But because its so cold here, its mostly when school gets out so it gives us something to do. Kynzie played t ball last year. The thought of having a ball pitched at her doesn't agree with her, so I don't think she will continue with that. I never have really encouraged the kids or discouraged them to do any sports. But once they decide to join I make them stick with it through the season, and if they still don't like it they don't have to do it again. I do try to support the choices they make, though sometimes I don't understand their choice. When Wyatt decided not to play basketball this year it bothered me because I knew his thoughts behind it, and they were not good ones. But all you can do at that point is say okay, but I know if you did do it you would do great. So that's my philosophy on parenting and sports.

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Amie said...

That's very good of you to respect their decisions. We force our kids to do it, lol! Sean gets such anxiety about new things, then he always ends up loving it. So, at this stage, it's just getting him past that first day or two, and then he's having a blast. My hubby wants them in wrestling, which is what half the relatives do. I'm not so sure...maybe the fall.