Monday, February 26, 2007

Wrapping up February

Wow I know it's a short month, but here we are at the end of it, and its seems that it had just started. I am so tired, my body yearns to climb under a nice blankie and go to sleep. I want one day that I could, with no other obligations at all, sleep. Sleep and sleep and sleep. Then finally wake and feel refreshed and ready to go. But right now instead, I feel head achy, crampy(Oh Yuck) and irritable. It makes it very hard to concentrate on the kids or the PTA crud I have to do for tonight's meeting. This to shall pass, I know, but its usually 3 days of major yucks before I am back to my abnormal self. That's a great note to leave the month of February on. On a better note Kynzie made three baskets on her game on Saturday, she was so proud of herself, it was awesome.


hairball said...

I have a memory of a picture of you in a baseball? uniform in Grandma's old apartment. Your little one looks EXACTLY like you from that pic. Hooray for little Tif

Carter said...

February sure did fly by! All the boys are on mid-winter break this week.

Hooray for Kynzie! My boys have no interest in basketball - they just like to shoot hoops out back.

Amie said...

How cute is this!? We have to force Sean to play any kind of sports at first, then he loves it. Are you kids the same? T-ball and Baseball are coming up and I'm dreading having 2 in sports at the same time. Does that happen with you?