Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just a Brag...

I figure if I don't brag no one else will do it for me. I suppose it's really not for me to brag about, it's entirely my children's merits, but I will brag on them anyway. The yearly school play had auditions yesterday. I didn't watch the auditions because I was busy with the extra kids. I showed up about 20 minutes before they were over. There was a gym filled with 133 smelly kids. They all looked tired from being there for over 2 hours. All trying to get in a play that only has about 45 parts. I sat down by the mother of Wyatt's best friend. She nudged me and said my kids did well. (I felt like rolling my eyes, because I'm never sure what that means in a situation such as this) The directors went around the room two more times having the kids do various silliness. Then it was time for them to call the parts. (and I prepared to console one of my children, who didn't get a part.) First name called, KYNZIE *****! She will be playing the part of an evil bat!?! Awesome! Nerves started building as they called some more parts up. Poor Ty, I thought (He'd actually taken a two year break from trying out, because he hadn't gotten a part before.) Ty *****, he will be playing the part of a forest creature. WOW, I'm so proud of my boy! There is no way all of them can get a part, Wyatt will be devastated. Parts handed out left and right, there can't be many left. Main group characters given. Oh, that's to bad Wyatt would of made a wonderful henchmen. Wyatt *****, will play the part of the King!!! Your majesty, how dare I doubt your powers to ham it up. Happy kids, happy mom. Or to put it another way, I must have the hammiest kids in the school.


Carter said...

You didn't get the memo? It's our RIGHT to brag about our kids and not just to others but to them too.

A few years ago, I caught myself always praising my kids to others but rarely telling them everything I had said about them, so now I am always mindful of letting them in on my gushyness.

It has caught on because they are always giving each other compliments. Even Slade will dole out a few for Jack. I heard Crispin tell Jack the other day: You got a haircut? It looks cute!

So, if you thought you were busy before, you are going to be super busy now with all of your kids in the play! Good luck to them all and keep us updated on it all!

**Clint's going to the P.O. today to mail off those CD's to wyatt.

Amie said...

yay! too cool!

Pen-nut said...

Congrats!!! Tell the kids to break a leg for me!!