Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sing, Sing a Song....

My Grandma has always told me that she doesn't sing. She may hold the hymnal in her lap, I don't know, but I never have heard her sing a hymn. I slightly remember riding in the car and having some trucker tape playing maybe she would sing along. I don't know, but she always told me she didn't sing. Why didn't she sing, because some buffoon years ago told her she couldn't. That is a sad tale. If you know me, you know that I love to sing. I sing in the shower, I sing in the car, I make up songs to sing to my children. Sometimes when someones talking to me, it reminds me of a song and I sing. I don't have a trained voice, and sometimes when I'm embarrassed it wavers and may slightly crack. But I sing anyway. I've always felt very proud when someone asks me to sing in church. I look forward to those opportunities with a happy heart. Since I've lived here, those opportunities have been few and far between. But nothing stings like a slap in the face, as today did. I shouldn't take it personally, but some how I did. Today in church when they called the woman's choir up to sing the intermediate hymn I did not join them. I was not invited to sing, along with a couple other ladies who can't carry a tune. So is this my subtle hint to exit stage left?
Once upon a time Big Bird and a whole gang sang a song that forever will remain my motto...
Sing Sing a Song
Sing out loud
Sing out Strong
for any one else to hear
Just sing
Sing a song.
So to those of you who don't think I'm a singer, to bad. I refuse to sit quietly with my hymnal in my lap. I will sing on!


Kaki Karaoke said...

U love to sing?
Guess what? I love to sing too! Hahaha!
What's your favourite song?

leaner said...

HERE HERE! I love that song, too! I sing it often. We are a singing family. I know I suck, and actually it has taken me a long time to be able to sing in front of Will.

One time in church, my mom, Bri and I were all singing some hymn, and my Dad was sitting there quietly. When the hymn was over, he said it was so beautiful, sitting in the middle of such great voices.

Now, I know he is jaded, us being his family and all. Bri does have a nice voice, but it didn't matter. For that moment, I felt like maybe I had a great voice, too!

I think you should sing, loud and strong and as much as you want! I am in the desert singing along!

hairball said...

I just bought that DVD of Sesame street and all the old songs they used to sing. It's at target now if you are interested