Friday, March 09, 2007

New Skirt and New Color

Last night was a good one. I went and got my hair done. Hooray for me, I really like it. And Wyatt even said, and I quote "Mom you have the coolest hair, it's like you should be in a rock band." So I'm one step closer to being his lead singer, I can just feel it. HA! Kasey also had a good night because she got a new skirt in the mail (THANK YOU!!!). Which she instantly put on and has not taken off. I love new things!
(p.s I'm not trying to look sad in my pics, I was just trying to get at an angle you could really see the color)


Carter said...

Yay! You got the package already! Clint wrote the letter but I wanted to add that I couldn't find a perfect shirt (that was inexpensive - meaning less than 5 bucks!) to go with the cute skirt. I'm glad she likes it and hopefully she can wear it soon. I also bought one for Mikaela in hopes of winter being over soon.

Love the do! Very hip! How's the music?

Amie said...

Wow, it's daring and I love it!

leaner said...