Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I've been very eager to write today, but every time I sit and think I can't really think of much to write about. It seems my mind is as dull as my mood right now. I did browse the computer today. Checking out the different sites I like to hang my hat. I happened to notice a bulletin posted by Amie on another site. It was a fun little survey. I too filled it out and posted it. There was one particular thing she said that I have to agree with. She says it really gets on her nerves when people comment to her, "Looks like you have your hands full" I have always felt a blow to the gut when people say this too me. It's like saying " You sure bit off more than you can chew." Having a handful is implying you took on to much. That you can't handle it. And when people say that to me, I just can't put a positive spin on it. The only time that's an acceptable comment is when someone is carrying to much stuff to which you would say "Looks like you have your hands full, can I help you with some of that?" Another example of stupid rude comments is that, never fail when I am shopping for my monthly groceries someone always makes a comment on how much stuff we have in our carts (yes plural, it takes two baskets at Wally world) and one at Costco to feed our herd for a month. But really why are people so offended by the amount of groceries we buy. An old man in line says "do you do that every week" To which I stated, "actually this is a months worth!" A woman outside said I'm glad it's you paying for all that and not me. To which I kindly said "I am too, because it means my kids will have food to eat this month" I could think of a million niceties to say to people but honestly I would like to say, WHY THE H*** ARE YOU LOOKING IN MY CART, AND WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS?, or even better yet, Oh I see you have some Depends in your cart, are those for you? Wow, you sure bought a lot of junk, what a waste of money!!! But I guess I'm only an inner snot, because I never say that out loud, even when I'm in the stinkiest of moods.
On a completely different thought, My informal reunion was a couple weekends ago, and I bugged out and didn't go. If I had lived in the vicinity I would of gone, but being so far away it just didn't seem like a good idea. I can only imagine it was a fun time. I hope it was worth the time and effort that was put into it by my friend. Anyhow I guess that's all the writing I have in me today.


Amie said...

Whenever someone says that to me, my inner self is screaming "why don't you offer to help instead of just pointing out my plight?" There have been so many times when my kids have been acting up or I'm getting frustrated that I'd just love a kind person to distract them or talk to them or whatever. I now try to do this if I see a Momma 'with her hands full. A few weeks ago I was in a store and a 3 yr old was literally blowing her top for about 15 minutes straight. "I WANT THE PURPLE ONE!!!!" Now if that was me, I would have left the store. But this mom stuck it out and kept shopping. I finished mine then went and found her (it was pretty easy) and I offered to help her get things on her list. (Meanwhile, her darling child was hitting and kicking her and screaming at the top of her lungs) I gotta hand it to the momma, she was very calm and said "oh I'm fine, I'm used to it." I hope I didn't offend her, but I know if it was me, I'd be so grateful for the offer.

Pen-nut said...

I agree. I get so many people telling me I have my hands full. And I get lots of looks with my grocery carts full. Yes, my hands are full, and I have an army to feed at home, but it's my army and I love them.