Monday, June 04, 2007

Saturday Off

We got to go out without the kids on Saturday. It was good. We had intentions to get a hotel room in town, Watch a flick and eat some yummy food. We got to town and the restaurants and hotels were packed due to a watch tower convention. It only slightly soggied our plans. We went ahead and ate at CJs bar and grill. It was quiet, and the food came quickly. Then we went to see Pirates. I was so full from dinner that we didn't even get snacks, I can't say that I missed them. I had to pee for the last 45 minutes of the movie but I was afraid I would miss something important So I waited. We tried one more hotel on our way out of town with no such luck so we came home. We went back into town the next morning and did some shopping and browsing. And late yesterday afternoon I went and picked up the kids. Good Weekend.


Amie said...

We saw Pirates this weekend too! Did you like it? Some of my friends said it was too rough, too dark, they didn't like it. But I still loved it. JD was hilarious! The ending after the credits was interesting... I'm positive there will be a #4!

tif-do said...

Great, I didn't stay through the credits, and I missed something that just serves me right. I liked it, but definiatly was left feeling like there were unanswered questions.