Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Job and A New Job

After a long wait, my hubby starts his new job on Monday. He is thrilled to be moving on. I am happy for him, I know he will be happy doing something new. I think he has a bit of a gypsy soul, because it's hard for him to be doing the same thing for a long time. 7 years is a long time, and it was time for a shake up. I am kind of nervous about being left alone for 7 days at a time. Although the meal aspect of it has me giddy, (because cooking for the kiddos is much more simpler than cooking for the hubby). Hopefully my sanity will stay slightly intact without the evening break of venting out my daily frustrations on an adult. I think it will all be okay. There's a good and bad to every situation. The other side of it, I've been working very hard to get all my paperwork in order to send in my application to become a certified daycare provider. It's mostly just paperwork, I have to attend 2 classes, and fill out a ton of forms, but due to law changes it was necessity that I be certified, to keep all the kids I've been watching. I'm kind of excited because I become a more organized person when I'm made to. I think this fall will bring a lot of schedules and routines. That makes me a happier person. I have 3-4 full time kids lined up and 1 part timer. So hopefully I can get all my stuff turned in and get approved in time for school to start and littles to come back.


Amie said...

Wow, you're very brave, both of you!! Good luck. That's a lot of kiddos, but it'll be great money for you!

Alex's Human said...

What kind of job did he get where he's going to be gone for 7 days at a time?? And how long a break does he get in between?

tif-do said...

Job Description- Oil Mine in Wyoming. 7 off and 7 on.