Monday, July 16, 2007

Off to a good start, ending on a bad note...

I woke, feeling rested and ready to go. I actually got a lot accomplished starting with a heavy cleaning of the house. I also mowed and weeded the yard. We also got the boys dressers and closets cleaned out of old or out grown clothes. Unfortunately around 4 ish the kids started falling apart. I was out side and heard screams from the inside. Ty had yelled at Kynzie and Wyatt hit Ty, Kasey bit Kynzie, and who knows what else. Kasey also helped herself to the water dispenser and filled a large mixing bowl up with it and then poured it all over the floor. I got all of it cleaned up with the boys help. I stubbed my middle toe and bloodied it while heading outside, and also scrapped the back of me foot. Clumsy. Now I look back on my day and the house is back to disaster and I wonder what the heck I do it for.
I did have two highlights of my day-One my first, of many, I hope evening calls from my sweet husband-Two an email from a super cuz saying I would see her in Sept. YAY!!!
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Look at what happened to me-ee
I can't believe it myself!


Amie said...

Poor girl!! I feel your pain!! What a great reference to the Great American Hero! I remember singing that song on the bus when we were little. So fun.

leaner said...

rhinorrhea IS pronounced like diarrhea, yes, you can put it in the song.

It is pronounced RYE NO REE UH

Amie said...

So how are things going? Is he back for the weekend?