Saturday, August 25, 2007

The last day

Today was my last day of freedom, to do what ever my heart desired. Well not whatever my heart desires, but within reason of my hearts desires considering I still needed to keep track of the kids. Monday my house will be filled with little ones running wild. We are on the last leg of summer. The saddest part of it all, is I feel like it just washed away. And now we are on to a new school year. 3 new teachers, new classrooms, a new start. And for me, 2 new little kiddos to entertain, and be entertained by. So today on my very last day, I mowed the lawn. Quite frankly, I enjoy it. The loud roar of the mower clears my head. Then I cleaned my bedroom and bathroom, which also was quiet enjoyable. Then I popped a big pot of popcorn grabbed a diet coke and watched movies in my bedroom all afternoon. How wonderful! Now my day is nearly over, and I should of spent some of it with my kids, and I feel slightly guilty about that. But tommorow afternoon, I can redeem myself and do something with them.


Alex's Human said...

You mowed the yard, cleaned the bathroom and the bedroom (and redid your blog) and still relaxed all afternoon?? What a productive day! Wish I had part of your motivation..

I got up yesterday needing to do all those things.. Did the dishes and made dinner.. Then decided that I had 4 more days to clean house before company comes :)

Pen-nut said...

I love the picture of your girls!!! Happy back to school day today!! Enjoy the change in routine, and the craziness of a bunch of little ones running through your house. Make sure you take time for yourself, though.

Amie said...

How many kids you taking on? I hope you're being picky. I AM! I won't do it if the situation isn't absolutely perfect. Helps in the sanity dept. Best wishes!