Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's in North Dakota???

I went on this road trip with a desire to take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. I think I took a total of 10. 10 lousy pictures. But it was fun anyway. Fun to drive with out a plan. Fun to not hear "are we there yet?" a thousand times, fun to spend undivided time with my mom. It was so relaxing to just drive, shop, stop when we wanted to. It was all in all a good time. Even though I ran over 3 birds and the lady at the hotel asked me if, and I quote "are you here to have a baby" Maybe I am to old for baby doll tops. Oh well I won't stop wearing them. It was fun! Oh and by the way, there isn't a whole lot in North Dakota.


Alex's Human said...

Wow.. That's the scariest looking slide ever!! and is that your mom on the top of it??

I remember spending many LONG nights driving across ND.. Better to drive across there during the night when you don't have to notice how much nothing there is :)

tif-do said...

That is my mom, and that is the scariest slide ever. I couldn't believe how tall it was.

Pen-nut said...

I like the pictures that you did take - and that is a scary slide, but years ago when we were little that would have looked like a fun slide. LOL

Amie said...


*never never never* ask someone if they are pregnant unless you see a baby physically coming out of them. LOL!

leaner said...

I agree with Amie! NEVER ask that question, it is RUDE! LOL

I have a similar picture on my blog of a similar slide (in SD I think!) But I can't find it (just spent like 5 minutes looking through my 665 posts! WOW!)