Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Short nap, long day

The disadvantage to having the kids all nap in the same room, is generally if one kid wakes up, and makes a noise of any kind, all of them start stirring. I try my best to continue to make them lay down, but sooner or later they are all up making noise and acting like kids that didn't get a long enough nap. I took all 5 for a walk to the store today. I let them each pick an apple out. They picked apples of different colors. Then we came home and tried the apples to see which one tasted the best. It made me feel victorious, taking that many kids for a walk to the store. Like it was something only the very brave at heart would do. Probably not a big deal but to was. I can make it through this year, and then say goodbye to them all, with a smile of satisfaction, that I did my job the best I could, gave them the most I had, and got out while the getting was good.

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Amie said...

WOW, good for you, Tiff! I would never try this in a million years, you're awesome!