Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Half way to the weekend. I am so happy. I am so HAPPY! Kenneth and I are taking a little trip out of town. We are driving to Denver to watch the Rockies and DIAMONDBACKS play. We could drive 30 miles away, and I'd be just as excited. I love staying in Motels, I love spending time alone without the kids, I love restaurants. Halfway there to a weekend alone. The best part of this whole trip, is Kenneth planned all on his own. He bought the tickets, he reserved the hotel room, he arranged the sitter (which is mom). It means a lot to me that he would plan a trip just for the two of us.

I'm feeling less stressed this week. It's autumn. The weather is cooler.
Side note for Pen-nut: It was a full moon last night!!!


Amie said...

Very cool! It will be healing for your soul! Go D-backs!

Pen-nut said...

Yes - I noticed the full moon and started laughing. My kids thought I was nuts.