Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I can't recall ever using the 911 service... before today, and quite frankly even though the incident was quite minor, I'm so glad that such a # exists. I have 5 kids today, and other than the snotty noses they have all been pretty good today, that was until my littlest cutie pie being quite the monkey, got stuck. What do you do when you hear the word "stuck, stuck." Coming from the other room, you go get them out. She had stood on my antique school desk, it folded just enough for her leg to slide down passed the knee and wedged itself there. Try as I may to gently pull it out. I couldn't and I panicked. I laid her and the desk over on its side so she was laying on the floor and not putting weight on her leg.... and I tried to gently pry it out. She wailed in pain.... and I panicked some more... all I could think is that if I pulled to much it would hurt her more. So I yelled to one of my daycare kids "Please get me the phone" to which I got a blank stare.... so I yelled a little more urgently "GET ME THE PHONE!" to which I got another blank stare... I didn't want to leave her, I was afraid to leave her...... "GET ME THE PHONE NOW!" to which got a look that finally said, "oh you want this phone right here... uhhh yeah. First I called my good friend, and then I waited about 1 minute and I panicked some more... So I called that special number... because like the song that my daycare kids learned back in October says "if your hurt or scared and don't know what to do, push the buttons 911." And within 10 minutes they came they freed her from the desk, they checked her out, and they were on their way. Small town of course they all new me, they new whose child they were saving, and they all made jokes, and of course it will be in the local paper on Thursday stating "Ambulance called to 3rd Ave for a child stuck," or something to that effect. I'm so glad they were there to call, regardless of my minor embarrassment. She's fine, I'm fine... and she looks at the desk and points and says, "bad... stuck!" It's going to go into the storage for awhile.

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Pen-nut said...

Wow!!! I'm glad that she got out and is okay. That is so scary. It's crazy what happens to kids sometimes. Have a good rest tonight you deserve it!!