Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Side Effects

One huge side effect I'm noticing from spending my day with small children is becoming a slightly embarrassing problem. When given the opportunity to talk to an adult whether it be on the phone or out of the house... I can't stop. I compulsively talk and talk and talk... to the point I actually would expect someone to tell me to shut up. I become the women I don't care for... the ones that have something to say about everything, know it alls... done it alls... have it alls. I'm sure there is a way to stop this behavior of mine.... some pill that I could take... some "shut the heck up" cream... it may even be a disorder you develop from spending days trapped among the small... Compulsive Speech Disorder.... I'm sure I have it, that would be a great excuse... Sorry I talked for ten minutes straight and didn't let you get a word in... You see I have this disorder.... I can't help it.

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Anonymous said...

That's why you find a friend with the same disorder and then you don't need to worry about shutting up because she can't shut up also...say, that reminds me...did I tell you about....and then did you hear....
Hmmmm....maybe that's why we get along so well?