Monday, January 21, 2008

How I love an assignment...

Thanks Amie...

5 reasons I moved to the colder than cold Mountain Country of Montana... if I can come up with five.

1. Family... 7-8 months before we made the big decision to move halfway across the US my Dad and Mom moved. I being the baby and being pregnant with a baby myself was heart broken to not live near my parents. We actually moved in with them for about 7 months when we first arrived to Montana

2. Job... My husband has a travelers heart and likes to try new jobs out. He was excited to work in a new place and try something new.

3. Adventure... When I was little I actually dreamt of living in the forest and being a forest ranger. Never having been to Montana all I could imagine was waving bears and bunnies hopping through the woodlands... I've yet to see a waving bear. I've seen bears they don't wave though.

4. Now this may not be a reason I moved here, but its a reason I like it here. I like small town USA. I like the wave at everyone say hi to everyone feel. I like not having to lock my doors all the time. I like that when I have to call 911 I know the people who respond. I like that my kids can ride their bikes around town without worry. I like people knowing me by name.

5. Summer is beautiful here, and once it's here the winter will seem like a distance dream. I love the way the long grass along the hills looks like waves when the wind blows. I love that for a month or so everything in the whole state is green... and alive. I love seeing wildlife right outside of town. I love the rivers and streams that seem to be everywhere. I love that its not really necessity that we have air conditioners... it's a pleasantry.


Anonymous said...

Most of your reasons for moving here are my reasons also. Thanks for the reminder. I forget how wonderful summer is when it's blowing snow and the wind chill is -30.
Hmmmm...summer...warm....sitting outside and breathing the fresh clean air....warm....warm....warm..


PS (we can't forget the best part of summer----no day care.)

tif-do said...

Glad your here... you need your own blog... although you are very very cool without it.
Cheers to no daycare!!!

leaner said...

Seasons? What are those? its not just different degrees of hot?

Rhayn asked me in the car yesterday if it was summer yet. We told her no and at that moment it was 27 outside of the car. We had to explain to her that in some places there seasons are easy to distinguish between. Maybe someday she will live in one of those places, but probably not, because right after that she said "I wish it was hot and summer outside." She love summer, she loves hot. She is insane.

abeNanna said...

It has been cold here, even my mother-in-law from the frozen northland of SD thought that it was too cold. Course that may be because I haven't figured out that we actually can turn the heater up.

We just wish that you all weren't so far away.