Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I got new bras in the mail yesterday... super terrific... the girls are back in place. I hate getting to the point in the bras life that the elastic has lack of hold anymore... I start feeling saggy... and saggy is not good. Anyhow that was definitely a high light of my day. I also got some new tennis shoes (there the ones in the middle)... in hopes they would inspire me to walk away some of the brownie pounds I've put on lately... just looking at these shoes makes me want to get out and do something... they are truly motivational shoes. Hooray for shoes. I love tennis shoes, I love new bras, I love the fact that the snow that fell this morning is already starting to melt, but that's an entirely different story in itself. Yay for Tuesday!

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leaner said...

LOL, I recognize a few of those shoes from my own stash!

Hooray for LIFT! I recently bought a bra with "Age Defying Lift" (said so on the tag!) It makes the girls look a little smaller, but so perky! So Up there! And a little bit of cleavage for me!