Monday, April 07, 2008

Workin' Hard with A Smile on my Face!

From start to finish (start being FRIDAY, 3 day weekend for me yiperoo!) this weekend was absolutely just what I needed. Let me tell you about Friday. After I was delightfully informed that I would not have extra kiddos around I delightfully informed one of my goodest friends that I was a free lady. And she suggested we do lunch or something... Oh do you know how long it's been since I've done lunch or something... just like that hop in your car and go eat lunch. SO WONDERFUL and she was so nice, she even treated me... Thanks again C. Then we had time so we headed over to THE CRAZY BEAN, which I haven't yet been able to go to because I'm generally not so delightfully free, and I had a Strawberry Smoothie.... which was probably the best smoothie I've ever had... maybe because of the delirium I was experiencing from being free, or maybe it was just that darn good. After that we went to watch the matinee performance of Jack and the Bean Stalk... staring Kynzie and Ty-----! They did fantastic... a mother couldn't be more proud (even though the play itself sucked... just to be honest). After that we walked down the school halls, where I ran into my daycare baby... and she said "Tiffy's house." My heart was so happy, that I couldn't resist her cuteness and brought her home for a play date. See what I do to myself??? We did enjoy having her though, because I haven't had her since February when her baby sister was born. Went and watched the evening performance of the play... my kids did a great job once again... but once again was almost in tears from the sadly lacking play. That was Friday.
Saturday... we didn't get very much done because outside where the dirt loomed at me, waiting for me to move it... it was COLD! Not fun to do outside chores in the cold. So we did indoor things instead. I painted up some nicks in the walls. And then we popped popcorn, and snuggled up and watched KING KONG... I'm pretty sure I did what I've done every time I've tried to watch this movie, and that's fall asleep... so I still don't know how that big ol' ape gets from the scary island from yester' year, to New York... I guess it will remain a mystery. Saturday was good, and to top it off I rewatched Sweeney Todd, I think I love it more every time I watch it.
Yesterday instead of being a good little girl and watching GC... I strayed from the pack and enjoyed the beautiful warmth outside. My kids with smiles on their faces(seriously they were smiling, maybe even whistling) we ventured out with shovels and wheelbarrows, working like a fine oil machine, we moved a lot... A LOT... of dirt. They worked so hard without complaint, without question, I couldn't help but reward them... so we drove to MCDONALD'S and we drove through... that's my confession for the week... won't tell you all the other naughty things I do on a weekly bases. When we got back, Ty and I played a little baseball, I painted a little trim outside, we moved even more dirt (because Ty insisted that we move more.) And then we rested. What a great weekend. The only thing that would of made it better would have been having Kenneth home to see what hard workers our kids are. On to a new week.

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Amie said...

Sounds like a nice productive yet still restful weekend! I do not envy you your dirt!