Friday, April 11, 2008

Is it Really only 9:00???

This may turn out to be the slowest day ever! I want the weekend to be here already. We have plans... plans to celebrate a couple of special birthdays. Not only that but for the first time in months this weekend is suppose to bring 70 degree weather. That's warm... that's short weather... that's something to smile about. But I have to get through this day... the slowest day ever first. This day the one that's inching along as snail pace, tortoise pace, statue pace. And the quite boys of yesterday... have been converted into loud crazy... turn any and every object into a gun boys, that is not something to smile about.

Kasey is so excited for her birthday tomorrow... she wants a kite. Out of every thing in the world she could possibly want... it's a kite. She even talks about how she will put on her shoes and run through the park, and it will go up, up, up! We'll see what we can do tomorrow when we go to town to celebrate.

Well have a super weekend to all of you, if I make it through this long haul of a day... I will have a super weekend as well.

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Amie said...

I hope you get enough wind this weekend for a great flight!