Saturday, April 12, 2008


Four years old??? can you imagine. We started out the day, with a lego my Eggo breakfast... I homemade the waffles but she calls them Eggo's anyway. We had presents of course... and she didn't seem too disappointed that they were all clothes. Then we headed to Build A Bear Workshop. Where she picked the twin of Alex to be her new friend. She named the little guy Pretzel... what better name for a dog. (I have to say though there was a weirdo lady that loomed over us the entire time we were there, talking to me like she knew us and staring at Kasey kind of creepily... not sure but it gave me that strange something in my gut, wrong feeling, and I was kind of happy when we were finally done in there) Then out to eat at Olive Garden. What a great day, I know Kasey had a good one, except for the moment that I took her into the bathroom to go pee and she screamed and cried because she's majorly afraid of automatic flushing toilets, and much to her delight when we got to Target they had "good flushers". Wow!


Amie said...

how cute is she? So your youngest just turned four? My youngest turns four in two weeks.

Her doggy is cute!

purplelurple said...

I am so not looking forward to Katie turning 4 this year. But it sounded pretty fun. I love build a bear.