Monday, April 21, 2008

Nerve tingling exhaustion...

I'm beyond tired... I never knew how crazy this whole house selling thing could be. I found out on Friday morning that the realtor would be showing my house on Monday (today). So I got busy and thanks to my friend C we got the whole sun room cleaned out and looking pretty darn good. (I'd still like to paint it)
I was feeling so motivated that I rearranged furniture in the kids rooms as well. And did some touch up painting. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned for 3 days. I'm sore... I'm tired... I'm beat... just so someone could walk through my house for 15 minutes and point out all the things they like, disliked, quite frankly hated??? about my home. It made me a little sick to my stomach the whole idea of it... and I'm really not sure if I can do that 5-10 more times until the right person comes along. Although my house right now at this moment... looks perty... real perty!

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Amie said...

oh for the love of Pete do NOT be there when they walk through! that's soooo hard on a home-owner. Plus, they need to be able to say what they want about the house without feeling the pressure of your eyes on them. You don't need anyone judging you right in front of you!!