Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things I Don't Want to Do But At Some Point Will Have Too!

1. Even after cleaning for 3 days... one night of not cleaning attributes to a messy house.
2. I have a pile of 8th grader photos that need scanned cropped and turned into a lovely slide show.
3. My wonderful (sarcasm) dog decided to take a large dump in her kennel last night, for the second time this week and now the sun room smells very very bad.
4. The refrigerator is in desperate need of a good clean out.
5. The Daycare kids will be here in 10 minutes... need I say more on that one
6. The back of my car is filled with all the crap out of my sun room.
7. The manure in my yard needs watered.
8. I really should sew the button on Kenneth's pants... and while I'm at it I probably should mend the pillow that's had a tear in it for months.
9. It's Earth Day... I should plant a tree or something.
10. Wake up... I really don't want to be awake.... I could of used one more hour of sleep.

1 comment:

lvh said...

lol - are you trying to grow a cow or a horse from the manure in your yard by watering it.
Your house is very cute and should "show very well". I'm surprised that your dog would do that - normally dogs won't dump where they sleep. Just remember - all things happen in God's time - not yours - hang in there and enjoy the moment