Monday, May 26, 2008


I can see clearly now... that I would never make it in a place it rained 75% of the time, because after a few days the novelty of moisture wears off, and you start getting a little crazy. I mean 2 days is good... but six days that's a lot. A lot of rain! I'm taking advantage of the rain today... and turning the inside of my house back into a home instead of little kid central. No more car track carpet... no more shelves of toys. At the end of the week I will give them all their crap to take with them, and I will be free of this prison ( I know that's a little harsh, but I use such words so that when I look back at this I will never have the temptation to do this again) Okay what button did I push to make my words funny???
This week, Wednesday to be exact, is Wyatt's 8th grade graduation. I am almost done making copies of my slide show. And wow that's it, it will be summer and on to new things. Isn't life good!

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