Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, Instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.

My young man graduated from 8th grade a couple hours ago. I'm so very proud that he is my son. I'm proud of the person he is. I'm proud that he is such an individual in a sea of jocks and cowboys. I'm proud that he dares to walk the fine line of expression. I have to say that he's a pretty cool kid, and I'm sure he'll continue to grow into a pretty cool man. I would love to say his graduation went off with out a hitch (but if it had I would probably be relaxed in front of the tv right now, waiting for their elaborate party/dance to be over.) But instead I'm here still wrapping my mind around the uncalled for actions of the principle and one of the teachers. I'm not sure what exactly was said, but they had my poor little boy almost in tears, because he decided to wear dress shorts instead of pants. (Like I said cool kid)They thought his dress was inappropriate, I think they are inappropriate. I had some tense moments talking to the authority figures, expressing how while surrounded by girls with their cleavage hanging out, the least of his worries should be 5 inches of Wyatt's bare leg. But after I told Wyatt repeatedly how very handsome he is, how wonderful he is, How much of a great individual he is, he was ready to graduate. And he did, my little boy making one more big step toward manhood. Yay him, sad for me!

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Alex's Human said...

Good for you sticking up for him against the evil grownups. And awesome of you instilling in him the value of being himself! It is such an important lesson, one that so many kids don't learn until later, if at all. Think of how much time people spend trying to crawl out of the box that most have been shoved into as kids by their parents and other adults. Perhaps he'll get to miss all that..

He really is a great kid. Do tell him congrats for me!.....

2 months 17 days to go!! :)