Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wild Weekend with the Whitings

We spent the last 2 days visiting my sister Darcey's family who were up from sunny Arizona. Most of Saturday we spent geocaching and picnicking in the wilderness. A lot of fun. We split up into teams and found 5 caches in all. The best find however was not a cache at all. The girls (being the team I was on) decided we'd race up the hill a different direction than the boys. We were climbing fiercely over logs and through prickly little branches. Darcey was in the lead, being the athletic one. When out of the corner of my eye I see something large and brown, simultaneously Darcey starts jumping up and down yelling, "A MOOSE, A MOOSE!" Now I know to all you city folk moose may just seem like a clumsy docile creature, but when they feel threatened especially with a baby with them (which was the next thing she yelled "it has a baby!") they can be quite aggressive and have been known to kill people. Luckily we calmed down, and quietly walked a safe distance away, to enjoy a nice view of the moose. (My pictures were not the best.) We then went home, and the kids took turns on the motorcycles. Today we enjoyed time with papa, taking a scary windy road out into by far the ugliest area of Montana were we all took turns shooting cans, and looking for rocks. And what trip to the badlands would not be complete with out bringing home a few new friends (what Do horny toads eat???)


Carter Family said...

Looks likes you guys had a great time! How fun and scarey to see a moose and her little one. Glad you sis could come for a visit.

Pen-nut said...

Glad that you guys had fun. We can't wait to see you here.

Amie said...

Tiff you look so skinny! (Darcy looks great too!)